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Let this purposefully designed FAQ page help you to gain more and more valuable knowledge on locks and keys. Read the questions and the provided answers attentively so that you can make full use of the shared information when necessary. Feel free to come back for reference at any time.

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Before you take any serious decisions concerning your security, try to answer all your questions. We offer the best answers to frequently asked lock and key related questions here below and, thus, offer you the chance to find solutions, suggestions and ideas about either locks or keys.

  • What's more important, the quality of the lock or the quality of the door?

    The quality of your door should be dealt with first of all. There is little point in putting a high quality lock on a weak door. Main front doors and back doors should be made from thick, heavy, high density materials to ensure the locks placed on them are well supported. An expert locksmith will always advise if they think your doors are not suitable for purpose

  • How does a UPVC door lock contribute to my security?

    When it comes to the security of your external doors, you need something that can offer you the most. Often, a single mechanism from a British Standard lock is simply not enough to do the job. If you want better security at home, consider having a locksmith install a UPVC lock on your exterior doors. They combine multiple mechanisms to one device, giving you far greater integrity on your door.

  • Why door quality is important to security?

    You might have good security locks but if the door is in bad condition, you'll still face lock problems especially if the door isn't aligned properly. The door must be of excellent quality materials and strong so that intruders won't be able to kick it down.

  • Do I need new locks if the keys are stolen?

    There is no need to get new locks if the keys are stolen unless the existing locks are already in bad condition and need replacement anyway. In such cases, lock rekey is the best solution according to our specialists in Twickenham.

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