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UPVC Door Locks

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Solving Any Front Door UPVC Problem Fast

If your key broke inside the lock or you cannot even slip it into the keyway, you have a serious problem. The good news is that our mobile locksmith company is available to assist you at any time of the day or night. You can count on us for quick emergency assistance with UPVC door locks, if you reside in the local area. In case of a lockout, our work begins with opening the door. We do it safely in the shortest time. Our work continues with repairing or replacing the lock, depending on how bad the situation is. When you have a broken key, we’ll extract the blade from the keyhole gently. If the cylinder cannot work anymore, count on us to replace it. You will get new keys too. If our check shows that you have a broken locking mechanism, we will install a new one which matches the lockset and provides high security.

UPVC Door & Window Lock Repairs

UPVC Door LocksThe causes of lock malfunction and failure are many and different. The list includes poor fitting, applying too much force to the key during unlocking, slamming the door or window constantly and even loose hinges. Our primary task is to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and all its consequences. If any component of the lockset is broken or faulty, rely on us to replace it with a new one with the same specifications. Often, the repair involves adjusting accurately the strike receiver and tightening the screws which hold it in place. In other cases, the repair includes the adjustment of the hinges so that the door can fit the frame properly.

Higher Security with new Lock Installation

You don’t have to wait for a lock to fail to replace it with a more advanced one. In fact, regular upgrading has been associated with maintaining a high level of security constantly. Our job is not only to install the new door lockset for you, but to give you UPVC specialist advice and guidance to help you make the best choice in the first place.

For all of your UPVC lock needs, turn to us, at Locksmith Twickenham.

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